13 Reasons To Use Supreme Proxies For Copping Supreme Week 13

13 Reasons To Use Supreme Proxies For Copping Supreme Week 13

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 weeks of Supreme drops already. A lot of great items have dropped, and we’re looking forward to so much more! In week 13 of Supreme Spring/Summer 2018, we’re diving into summer in style and class. These Supreme sunnies are some of the reasons to use Supreme proxies.

1 – Cop Supreme w/ Supreme Proxies

The main and most obvious reason anyone would think about Supreme proxies is to cop Supreme! Sure you can cop manually, but have you seen those Supreme sellout times?

Still think Supreme proxies aren’t important? Lol, good luck.

2 – Resell For Extra Cash

Supreme items sell out faster than hotcakes, so you know how it is when they turn up on the secondary market. An unstoppable fire that burns your wallet… unless you’re the seller and not the buyer.

3 – Improve Reseller Reputation

As a reseller, it’s important to show some diversity in your stock. Having Supreme items will definitely grab attention and can help you gain status as a reputable reseller.

4 – Flex on IG and IRL

You could effortlessly turn heads just by wearing legit Supreme. You don’t even need to try that hard or spend that much. When you’re using Supreme proxies it’s like buying anything else online that gets delivered over to your place. You just unbox it and flex.

5 – Be Anonymous

Supreme proxies hide your personal IP address, ensuring complete anonymity when copping online.

6 – Use A Supreme Bot Without Getting Banned

Since your IP address is masked, you get to run a bot without getting your IP blocked. This increases your chances of securing Supreme items.

7 – Secure Your Information

When shopping online, it’s vital to protect your private information. You don’t want hackers getting their hands on your credit card or shipping information. Supreme proxies and Yeezy proxies offer the security you need to shop online fearlessly.

8 – Have Faster Internet Connection

Speed is of the essence when it comes to copping Supreme (or any limited items for that matter). Due to their proximity to Supreme site servers, Supreme proxies are speedier than copping from your own computer.

9 – Cop Supreme From Any Location

Because Supreme proxies are near Supreme site servers, it won’t matter where in the world you’re copping from. And you can double that speed and great quality connection with Supreme servers.

10 – Pair with Supreme Servers

You don’t need fancy technology or to buy a supercomputer to cop limited items. You could just use a server and pair your Supreme proxies with them.

11 – Get These Stylish Supreme Sunglasses

Supreme proxies for sunglasses

Supreme proxies for sunglasses 2

12 – And these shirts probably dropping…

supreme proxies for shirts 1

13 – And this patched up jacket…

supreme proxies for jacket

Disclaimer: Now we’re not sure about all the items dropping, but we do know there will be sunglasses! Be sure to check the droplist on Supreme Community late Wednesday night/ early Thursday morning EDT for the latest updates.

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