How a Sneaker Server Will Help You Defeat this Age-Old Problem

How a Sneaker Server Will Help You Defeat this Age-Old Problem

When everyone around you is copping and flexing, and you’re still in your Kmart/Walmart attire, it can get frustrating. Especially if you spent a lot of money trying to cop sneakers using bots or limited apparel using Supreme bots. You ran the bots, and even paid for proxies, but it’s still not working? That’s because you’re missing a key ingredient. Well, let’s just say you can’t have mashed potatoes without gravy; you definitely can’t have a sneaker bot without the sneaker server!

The problem:

It’s the same old story. Every time you get past the queue, the stock is sold out. Maybe you have the best bot on the market. Maybe you have a load of sneaker proxies. But still, you end up getting nothing. Well, all that isn’t going to work if you don’t have a sneaker server.

You’ll end up having that FOMO. And maybe, God forbid, you’ll pay resale for your kicks!

What does a sneaker server do?

Having a server is like having your own supercomputer. You can install and run your bot on it. Can you imagine running your sneaker bot on a supercomputer? Super potential! You’ll make the best of your sneaker bot and your proxies.

Basically, it’s a thousand times more powerful than your own laptop or computer. That means it’ll be able to handle the pressure and make it through the traffic without crashing or overheating. And you can access it from anywhere you go. You don’t need to be restricted come release date.

Furthermore, it has the perfect location near sneaker site servers because it is optimized to have reduced latency. That also means that the quality of your internet connection will be lighting fast! Hence, it has a fast connection in and out of sneaker sites, Shopify sites, or Supreme. So yeah, no more arriving late to the party!

And finally, it’s fully customizable to meet your standards. For example, whenever you need more power, you can add more RAMs. You can scale it all to your liking, but for the fraction of the cost of getting a whole new computer.

Our servers are pre-configured so you don’t need to have any technical know-how. They support all bots and have 99.99% uptime. Select your sneaker server from our range of state of the art servers, here.

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