Sneaker Bot, Proxies, Severs: The 3 Ingredients of Success!

Sneaker Bot, Proxies, Severs: The 3 Ingredients of Success!

There’s nothing easier than catching that faithful L. The unfortunate truth is that if you don’t have a sneaker bot these days your chances are close to none. However, if the best kicks get sold out as soon as they drop, how will you cop those limited edition sneakers like the Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection or Yeezys?

Sneaker Bot

There are all kinds of bots out there and the prices vary heavily. Some bots support more sites than others. Some are made by young tech-savvy sneakerheads, others are made by a team of professional developers. Nevertheless, your sneaker bot is only as good as your sneaker proxies and the server you run it on.

Servers: The processing power will play a huge role in the efficiency of the sneaker bot. So if you paid a hefty price for you sneaker bot, you want to ensure maximum success. A good sneaker server will result in a sneaker bot on steroids. Check out our servers page where we offer lightning fast servers that are optimized for Yeezy releases, and in turn, Adidas releases.

Proxies: To make multiple accounts and orders using your bot, you must cover your digital tracks by using sneaker proxies. Otherwise, you’ll never have a chance to get through to the checkout page. In other words, all of your orders will fail. Additionally, you will get blocked from all the websites where you tried to cop several times. Check out our proxies page where we offer dedicated proxies that are close to Adidas site servers.

Since we’re in the digital age, having a sneaker bot is the new camping out. But the difference is: you’re copping from the comfort of your own home. With the right sneaker proxies and servers, your bot might just exceed your copping expectations.

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