3 Ways Shopify Proxies Will Maximize Your Copping Chances

3 Ways Shopify Proxies Will Maximize Your Copping Chances

Your favorites sneakers may drop on a Shopify site. If you’re using a bot that supports Shopify you’re on the right path! However, you still need Shopify proxies.

Let’s say you want to cop the new Yeezys. Every fresh drop of new Yeezys comes to us via Yeezy Supply and Adidas, in addition to Adidas consortium shops, and some Shopify sites. With Adidas trying its best to fight off the bots, and Yeezy Supply opening up in new locations globally, it’s smart to get yourself on that Shopify bot game.

How Shopify Proxies Help

Yeezy Supply is a Shopify site. As are many brands like Bape, Undefeated, Concepts, Travis Scott, and more. There are many different ways Shopify proxies will help you maximize your chances of copping the most hyped releases.

1 – Give You Faster Speed Than Average Bots: From your average sneakerhead to resellers, to ATC services, everyone is using a bot. To secure that you’re not last in line, you’re going to have to get yourself a bot or at least subscribe to an Add-to-Cart service. However, the type of bot and proxy makes a huge difference!

When you get yourself a Shopify bot like Dashe or AIO Bot, you need to make sure that you supply it with the right proxies that will help your bot perform even faster. Talking about Shopify proxies here! Not to mention you’ll need a strong server too.

2 – Put You In The Best Location: If you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of people trying to cop, it will make more sense that people near the location of the site’s servers get to the site before someone who is further away. Heavy traffic will make your chances near to none without Shopify proxies that are located in the same area as the Shopify servers.

3 – Help You Avoid Bans: Perhaps the most important reason to have proxies is to avoid getting banned by sneaker or Shopify sites. Sites will ban you when they think there is suspicious activity coming from your IP address. So the next time you use your Shopify bot, use some Shopify proxies. Proxies will cover your IP address leaving your tracks clean.

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