What is Ping & How Can It Affect Your Yeezy Copping Skills?

What is Ping & How Can It Affect Your Yeezy Copping Skills?

Ping is a tool used to test the quality of the connection between servers. The result of the test is a measurement of the delay, referred to as latency, and it’s usually measured in milliseconds. Today, both the words ping and latency are used to mean the same thing.

When the test results come back indicating that you have high latency (high ping), it means that the quality of your internet connection is laggy. This stutter and delay can affect how you cop Yeezys. You could know all the tricks and tips for copping Yeezys. However, if you’re latency is high, you’ll never make it to checkout.

What are some things that cause high ping/latency?

Consider there are two people trying to reach the same website server. Let’s name one of them Kanye and the other Wex. Kanye is located in Antarctica and Wex is in New York. They are both trying to reach a website server located in Germany. They run a ping test. Can you guess the results?

Kanye will have a higher latency that Wex. Why so? That’s because he’s located further away from the server than Wex is. So location is one cause of high latency.

Internet speed is also a factor. The faster your internet speed, the better. You can think of it as a race. If you have a faster car, you win. But if you’ve learned anything from the children’s story about the Tortoise and the Hare, you’ll know that it’s not all about speed.

Let’s say Kanye and Wex have the same internet speed.  Except now Kanye is using proxies and a server located in France. This time Wex gets higher latency, even though they both of the same internet speed.

Latency can also vary throughout your day. If there is heavy traffic on the site you’re trying to reach, that can affect the ping result. Also, the problem can be from your internet service provider.


Your Yeezy copping skills can be affected by a simple thing like ping. Unless you’re planning on moving around until your latency is low, it’s pretty smart to invest in a server that has the capabilities for higher speed, better processing, and optimized location. It’s the quickest fix. Because who wants lag during releases?!

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