How Servers Work & Why You Need A Dedicated Server

How Servers Work & Why You Need A Dedicated Server

Whether you cop items to resell them, or cop to rock, you need a server. Whichever website you want to access, be it a Shopify site, Supreme, Adidas, or Nike, you need a server. If you ever want to compete with the high number of bot users out there, you need a server. It could be a sneaker server, Shopify server, Yeezy server, and more. But the bottom line is still: you need a dedicated server.

What is a Server?

A server is basically a virtual computer where you can access the sites you want, except it will do it for you faster and with no interruptions. Unlike your plain old PC, a server can manage a large load of tasks without crashing. This is ideal when you want to increase your chances of copping using a sneaker bot by running 50+ tasks. You can even cop multiples when using a server.

How Servers Help

Servers work along with proxies to help you cop limited releases. Basically, they have a huge amount of bandwidth and come with high GBs of RAM so that your connection on release day is not laggy. Why have an interrupted connection when you can get a top-notch one?┬áThis way you can cop quickly from any site your bot supports. Especially since you’ll have proxies which will mask your IP address. If you want to know more about proxies and their relationship with copping, read this article.

Dedicated Server

It all starts with a dedicated server, a server that you can use solely for yourself. If you don’t use one, you may never be able to cop limited releases at retail your whole life. You’ll have to fork up a decent load of cash for pairs you need. And that’s only if you really actually want it to wear it. If you only cop to resell, that’s going to be an issue. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any release where you can cop multiples and make cash flipping them.

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