What IP Address & Ping Have To Do With Copping Sneakers

What IP Address & Ping Have To Do With Copping Sneakers

If copping sneakers were such an easy task, everyone would be doing it. The reselling business would never have grown into a billion dollar industry. But the fact is, it’s hard – but not impossible. Before you cop sneakers, you need to dive into the deep technology behind how drops work. That’s why we’re about to give you a crash course on IP address and Ping and tell you how those two things relate to sneakers.

So if you’re here, we’re pretty sure you’re trying to cop sneakers online with a sneaker bot. Otherwise, you’d be camping up in harsh weathers in dirty city streets, prone to danger if things get violent. However, you’re a “smart cookie” like Trump said about Kanye, and you found the best alternative to copping sneakers and actually winning.

IP Address & Copping Sneakers

Copping sneakers online is the best way to cop straight heat these days because you can literally manipulate how much you increase your chances. But first, you need to understand that your IP (Internet Protocol) makes a huge impact on how successfully you can cop.

First, sneaker websites will only allow you to enter once from a select IP address. So basically, you have one shot at copping from those sites. UNLESS you use a proxy. A proxy will hide your IP address, masking it so your own IP address does not get banned. And you will have to change it again if you want to cop another time from the same website. You can even choose it from optimal locations which are near the location where you want to cop from.

Proxies are most efficient when you run a bot, since you can create as many accounts as you want an dedicate a proxy to each one. This way all of your accounts will seem as if coming from different places and different people. Little does the site know that you’re actually using a bot to try and cop hundreds or pairs.

Ping Test

A ping test is done to see whether or not your device can communicate with another device and determine how fast, otherwise known as the latency (or delay). The higher the latency the worse your ping test results are. This means that you lower your chances of copping with success.

This is a good test to determine what kind of proxies you should use for certain websites, through proxy testing. For example, let’s say you want to cop from a site whose server is in Virginia, you would get proxies from Virginia, which will have low ping time.

On the other hand, using proxies from Virginia to cop from a server in Nevada will result in a higher delay. But you don’t want your task to be laggy. So it’s better to get proxies from Nevada.

Experimenting with some proxies on different sites can help you since the location of some site’s servers is not known to the public. But at least this way you can find out which proxy locations work fastest.


Bot users are aware that they need proxies, but not many know how well their proxies should be. Nor do they know how to determine exactly where they should be located. Always test your proxies to choose the best location for a faster and more successful cop.

Are you going to get proxies for your Yeezy Boost 700 Mauve?

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