Sneaker Servers to Help You Wrap 2018 Up The Right Way

Sneaker Servers to Help You Wrap 2018 Up The Right Way

Sneaker servers, proxies, and bots! That’s like sneaker copping 001. Every sneakerhead knows how things work around here. If you ever really wanted that pair of Jordans or Yeezys, you gotta have the right tools. But, in the rare cases, when a release is not too limited or hyped, you can overlook the sneaker servers and sneaker proxies. Not so much the bot though. A sneaker bot increases your chances at copping so much that you can’t do without it. Read below to know exactly why!

Never Get Banned Again: Sneaker Proxies, Servers, and Bots

However, there come days, or months when you just can’t let go of any of these jigs. Such is the case with the crazy upcoming November. This month is completely booked for the most hyped releases of 2018.

Sneaker Servers, Proxies, and Bots This November!

Pharrell Williams’ work with Adidas continues to wow us all the way through November. The new NMD Inspiration pack is dropping this November. This pack is expected to include for different colorways. And as usual, the retail price of each pair will be $250.

Adidas NMD Inspiration Pack

In addition to NMDs, 2 new Yeezys are supposedly dropping in November. The Yeezy 350 V2 Sesame and 500 Salt are releasing next month, and hopefully, bringing Yeezys hype back. After the wide re-release of the Yeezy cream whites, fans are thirsty to get their hands on any Yeezys that are actually profitable. Or just new! So here’s your chance people, don’t miss it!

Yeezy Sesame sneaker servers

The third phase of this years’ most wanted collab drops in November too. This phase includes Majin Buu and Vegeta’s sneakers from the Adidas X Dragon Ball Z collection. And if you need more reasons to get sneaker servers or proxies, there will be enough releases to convince you.

Adidas DBZ Vegeta

More Off-White X Nike sneakers, in addition to several Air Jordan sneakers, are all coming out this November! So, if you usually worry about inflated release expenses, this month you don’t have to. You’ll have enough hyped sneaker releases this November that will cover up for whatever you paid this whole year. And there’s more!

December’s Releases

Although we still don’t have a full view on how December is gonna be, we know this. December 2018 will possibly see the release of 4 Yeezys. 2 of which are all-new silhouettes we’ve been dying to have. Yeezy 350 V2 Semi-frozen Yellow, Zebra, and Static. And if we’re lucky enough, the Yeezy 700 V2 static. So, you should probably hold on to your sneaker servers and proxies a month longer. And if all these releases weren’t enough to get you to get sneaker servers and proxies, we don’t know what is.

What’s the Best Yeezy Server for Yeezy FW18?

What’s the Best Yeezy Server for Yeezy FW18?

Many of our favorite Yeezys are making a return. They include the Cream Whites, Semi-Frozen Yellows, Zebras and the Wave Runners. In addition, we have new Yeezys to look forward to like the 350 V2 Sesame, and the Mauve Yeezy 700. To top that off, Kanye has been sporting a new silhouette, a white Yeezy 700 V2. Before the bulk of Yeezys release in Fall and Winter 2018, you should prepare your copping tools. There’s no better time than now to learn about sneaker servers and search for the best Yeezy server.

Sneaker Servers

Sneaker servers are vital when it comes to using sneaker bots. Like most powerful computer programs, they have specific or preferred system requirements in order to work to their maximum efficiency. However, instead of having to buy a new CPU to run the sneaker bot every release, you can just rent a sneaker server.

Dedicated sneaker servers offer you a faster copping experience as they’ll allow you to run multiple tasks on your bot. To do that, the sneaker server will give you high-speed internet, much higher than that of your internet service provider’s.

The server’s location also makes a huge difference in the success of your sneaker bot, or even manual copping. The rule is, the closer your server is to the sneaker site server, the better! This is especially true with Yeezys, that’s why Yeezy servers are important to consider when preparing to cop.

Moreover, sneaker servers are more reliable than your PC since they’re up almost 99% of the time. So if your PC is down for whatever reason, you can at least guarantee that the server is up.

Best Yeezy Server

When it comes to Yeezy releases, they best Yeezy server is that which is closest to Yeezy sites. However, it must include all the other requirements as well. Luckily, our Yeezy servers are optimized for Yeezy releases and include all these specifications. You’ll notice the difference!

How to Cop The Yeezy 500 Utility Black? Bots, Proxies, and Servers!

How to Cop The Yeezy 500 Utility Black? Bots, Proxies, and Servers!

You know you’re in desperate need of a sneaker bot, some dedicated proxies, and Yeezy servers when a new Yeezy is dropping. And that’s exactly the case with the Yeezy 500 Utility Black!

Yeezy 500 Utility Black

Out of all Yeezy 500 colorways, the Utility Black seems to be the most appealing. Black never goes out of style even if it’s covering a really big daddy shoe. If anything, Black makes this whole silhouette look more bearable and less voluminous.

Bulky or not, it’s a Yeezy and when we talk Yeezy, we talk hype, demand, and resale. The Yeezy 500 Utility Black holds the same aesthetic features as the previous versions. adiPrene+, Suede, Mesh, cow leather, and Kanye’s name. The official release date of the Black 500s is this Saturday, July 7th, 2018. The sneakers will drop on Adidas, Yeezysupply and other retailers which haven’t been announced yet, and will retail for $200.


What Will You Need?

Being a Yeezy is one thing. Being a black Yeezy that’s dropping after a long series of weird colorways, is something else. The demand for the Yeezy 500 Utility Black is high. And this means you will need some serious skills and powerful tools to help you win this fight.

By skills, we mean Yeezy copping skills. You need to know where the sneakers are dropping and when exactly. Also, you must have access to the latest release information which can change a few minutes before the drop. And you need to follow the right people on various social media platforms. These people have every bit of information you need to cop successfully such as the stock level and drop sites.

Now tools, that’s a whole different world. But first, let’s point this out. You can always try to cop the old way, manually online, or by waiting in front of a store to get into a raffle, it’s possible. However, your chances tend to get closer to null everytime a new sneakerhead joins the game, and decides to use a sneaker bot.

Yeezy Bots

The magical and oh-so-controversial Yeezy bot! I think everyone in the sneaker industry has a love-hate relationship with bots. You know you need them, you love how much help they can offer, but still, hate the fact that you need them so much. We get it! It’s so complicated.

Yeezy bots have been around for about  5 or six years, while the industry was established around the 70s. All that bot-less time made sneakerheads realize things needed to be done differently. Especially after the whole reselling emerged and caught the attention of sneaker addicts who loved the idea that their “hobby” can make them so much money. That’s when sneaker bots started surfacing, first as free scripts developed by students, which you could find online for free. Next as standalone software programs that had big teams working day and night to make sure the efficiency and copping power are optimal.

Those sneaker bots referred to as Yeezy bots in the case of copping Yeeyzs, are programs that can help you buy the sneakers you want, fast and in multiple pairs. All you gotta do is insert your billing and shipping information, choose the size, and website you’re buying from and the bot will figure the rest out. Although some complications may occur at times, especially if you’re new to this, that’s just about all you need to know about sneaker bots.

Yeezy Proxies

Of course, some Add-ons are in order, if you’re planning on going big, and making a living out of sneakers. A Yeezy bot will do its job very well regardless of any extras you use. But how about copping 4,6,10 pairs without getting banned? If that idea appeals to you, then you need to consider adding some Yeezy proxies to your bot. Yeezy proxies are almost the only way you can pull off copping several pairs without getting banned. Since you’re only allowed to buy a single pair as a customer, something needed to be done to overcome this rule.

Every Yeezy proxy you add is 1 more shot you get at copping’em Yeezys. Those proxies will make it seem as if every purchase made, or attempted is done by a different user. Possibly also in a different location. So using proxies you’re safe to try and cop as many pairs as your heart desires, but you need to remember that you should use multiple billing and shipping information in your bot.

Yeezy Servers

Servers are another important addition you can utilize to make your copping efforts more fruitful. Yeezy Servers may sound complicated to use, but they’re as simple as using your computer. There are many providers online from which you buy a Yeezy server. They will then provide you with an IP address and credentials to access this server. You can log in to this server using Microsoft Remote Desktop. After logging in, everything should look familiar. It literally looks like a computer desktop, and you can go online, check your purchase email and download the bot to run it on the server.

Running a Yeezy bot on a Yeezy server gives you access to the resources of that server. Yeezy servers can offer High processing speed and powerful hardware that you could’ve never reached using just your PC.

So going back to the Yeezy 500 Utility Black, you now know what you need to cop it. It’s not just one thing that will magically get you the sneakers. It’s a mixture of skills, tools, and some tips and tricks that will cop you the Yeezy 500 Utility Black, and any other limited sneaker release you can think of.

13 Reasons To Use Supreme Proxies For Copping Supreme Week 13

13 Reasons To Use Supreme Proxies For Copping Supreme Week 13

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 weeks of Supreme drops already. A lot of great items have dropped, and we’re looking forward to so much more! In week 13 of Supreme Spring/Summer 2018, we’re diving into summer in style and class. These Supreme sunnies are some of the reasons to use Supreme proxies.

1 – Cop Supreme w/ Supreme Proxies

The main and most obvious reason anyone would think about Supreme proxies is to cop Supreme! Sure you can cop manually, but have you seen those Supreme sellout times?

Still think Supreme proxies aren’t important? Lol, good luck.

2 – Resell For Extra Cash

Supreme items sell out faster than hotcakes, so you know how it is when they turn up on the secondary market. An unstoppable fire that burns your wallet… unless you’re the seller and not the buyer.

3 – Improve Reseller Reputation

As a reseller, it’s important to show some diversity in your stock. Having Supreme items will definitely grab attention and can help you gain status as a reputable reseller.

4 – Flex on IG and IRL

You could effortlessly turn heads just by wearing legit Supreme. You don’t even need to try that hard or spend that much. When you’re using Supreme proxies it’s like buying anything else online that gets delivered over to your place. You just unbox it and flex.

5 – Be Anonymous

Supreme proxies hide your personal IP address, ensuring complete anonymity when copping online.

6 – Use A Supreme Bot Without Getting Banned

Since your IP address is masked, you get to run a bot without getting your IP blocked. This increases your chances of securing Supreme items.

7 – Secure Your Information

When shopping online, it’s vital to protect your private information. You don’t want hackers getting their hands on your credit card or shipping information. Supreme proxies and Yeezy proxies offer the security you need to shop online fearlessly.

8 – Have Faster Internet Connection

Speed is of the essence when it comes to copping Supreme (or any limited items for that matter). Due to their proximity to Supreme site servers, Supreme proxies are speedier than copping from your own computer.

9 – Cop Supreme From Any Location

Because Supreme proxies are near Supreme site servers, it won’t matter where in the world you’re copping from. And you can double that speed and great quality connection with Supreme servers.

10 – Pair with Supreme Servers

You don’t need fancy technology or to buy a supercomputer to cop limited items. You could just use a server and pair your Supreme proxies with them.

11 – Get These Stylish Supreme Sunglasses

Supreme proxies for sunglasses

Supreme proxies for sunglasses 2

12 – And these shirts probably dropping…

supreme proxies for shirts 1

13 – And this patched up jacket…

supreme proxies for jacket

Disclaimer: Now we’re not sure about all the items dropping, but we do know there will be sunglasses! Be sure to check the droplist on Supreme Community late Wednesday night/ early Thursday morning EDT for the latest updates.

Sneaker Proxies and Servers to Cop The NMD Human Race China

Sneaker Proxies and Servers to Cop The NMD Human Race China

It’s only a matter of hours until we can get a hand or just a look at the latest NMD Human Race China Exclusive collection. This pack will include 4 different pairs, each in a different color. one of the pairs, the golden one celebrating happiness, will be a “friends and family” only drop. Limited to around 350 pairs, this leaves us with 3 more options to cop on May 12th.

So for the pairs that are not F&F, what do you need to cop them? How will you get them delivered to you from far across the world?
Well, thanks to the technological advancement we’re blessed with lately, there’s no such thing as boundaries and distance. These days you can get any item you want to purchase from abroad. In fact, it’s easy, however, the problem gets a little more complicated when trying to get sneakers.

When copping sneakers, you’re not only dealing with distance and geography, you’re dealing with the shoes’ hype. And the more desired they are the less likely you’ll get a chance at copping them. So this calls for special tools and tricks, to help you survive the pain of Ls.

A sneaker bot should be the first thing to get on your mind. You can never get to win manually, over the hungry crowds waiting for the NMD Human Race China. Never! A sneaker bot will get you the speed and copping power you need.

In addition to a sneaker bot you surely need sneaker proxies. Now, in the case of a location exclusive release such as the NMD Human Race China, they have to be a little more special. Especially in terms of location. Sneaker proxies need to be optimally located next to sneaker sites servers. Reducing your ping latency, and making your connection and requests much faster. The faster you can get through the queue. the more likely you’ll successfully cop. And in case of this exclusive release happening in China, you can expect the queue to be very very long.

Something else you definitely need is a sneaker server. sneaker servers tend to be very useful on hyped releases such as this Chinese one.
A sneaker server can add to your device the processing power it’s lacking. So even if you own a very slow and dusty PC, you can still cop sneakers using it. When running your sneaker bot on a sneaker server, you’re using all the power, resources and speed it has to provide to your copping advantage. This will make your sneaker bot work as if it was running on a supercomputer.

NMD Human Race China

So now that you almost have all the ingredients to get cooking, you just need a dash of good luck and a whole batch of patience.
The NMD Chinese pack will include 3, almost attainable colorways, red, green, and blue. In addition to the fancy golden pair that will be limited to Friends and family. The 3 colorful pairs will each retail for $250 and will be available on May 12th, 2018 on Adidas China
The pack was unveiled in China by Pharrell Williams himself, and the first official images were just perfect.

What can you expect from this pack? check the photo below!

NMD Human Race CHina Pack Yeezy Mafia (1)

Sneaker Server; Why you don’t need a supercomputer to cop sneakers

Sneaker Server; Why you don’t need a supercomputer to cop sneakers

When first stepping into the sneaker copping game, you’ll be faced with so many obstacles and “realists” saying copping is impossible. But is it really? Do you really need a mega super high-tech computer to cop for you? Or can a sneaker server simply do the trick?

Do You Need a Supercomputer?

Definitely not!
First, let’s clear this up. Copping sneakers is a resource-draining activity, it requires so much time and power to be done the proper way. However, in today’s world of technology, nothing is really unattainable. You can have all the power, and resources you need to cop limited edition sneakers, but maybe not fully relying on your PC.

Word on the sneaker street is that you need a supercomputer to get exclusive sneakers, but that’s not 100% true. Even if you own the most miserable of devices you can still cop whatever you want, as long as you have a sneaker server at your side.
It’s true that you need some serious power to stay ahead of your competition, but this power doesn’t have to reside in your device. So, rather than buying a new PC, just rest a sneaker server.

A sneaker server can offer you all the power and resources you need to make as many purchase requests as you want. You could have a very outdated version of Windows on your computer and still get access to the latest software on your sneaker server. This means you’ll get the same chance as those veteran sneakerheads owning the most powerful of devices. And if you’re copping with a bot, and you should be, things will only get better. Your Bot’s power will be paired with the speed, and resources of that sneaker server, to cop you some Ws. Add to that a bunch of Sneaker proxies, and you’ll become a copping beast in no time. That combination guarantees you get a fair chance without getting banned by sneaker sites.

There are some tricks, however, to choose a sneaker server. So what do you need to look for?

All You Need in a Sneaker Server

Sneaker Server

Although you can find servers anywhere online, not any server is ok. You need a “Sneaker Server” that is designed and optimized to deal with the demands of buying sneakers online.They have the speed and all sorts of resources you need for copping sneakers.

Location is always a deal maker or breaker. You need a sneaker server that is close to the sneaker sites’ data centers. The closer you are or seem to be, to the data centers, the less ping latency you’ll experience. Think of it this way. If your server is 2,000 miles from sneaker sites servers, your request will need to travel 2,000 miles to reach its destination. But if your signal is nearby, it just has to travel a short distance to make that same connection. So it takes a lot less time for you to cop your kicks when you’re nearer.

Last but not least, try to get sneaker proxies that are located next to your sneaker server. This way the whole communication between all elements, and sneaker sites, takes less time. And as we all know, time is the single most important factor to consider when copping sneakers. The less ping latency you experience, the more time you’ll have to cop sneakers.

So while you’re at it, why don’t you try our sneaker servers. They offer all the resources and features you need to make your sneaker copping dream, a reality.

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Limited Sneakers in 2018

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Limited Sneakers in 2018

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the limited sneakers that are dropping this year. With a Yeezy having just dropped and more on the way, buying limited sneakers without the proper tools could be a wild goose chase. There are specific things that help you win in the sneaker copping game and get your kicks.


Things You Need for Buying Limited Sneakers


#1 Notifications

The first thing you need when copping sneakers is information. How else will you even know about sneakers or how hyped they’ll be? Online, you get style codes, release dates, mockups, leaked images, stock information, and more. So turn on your post notifications if they’re not on. But remember that Twitter, IG, or FB aren’t enough. You can make connections and join sneaker forums like Discord and Slack conversations.Get serious about being informed.

#2 Sneaker Bots

Let’s start the conversation with: you need a bot to cop limited sneakers. If you don’t agree just stop reading here. We’re in the age of automation, and using bots to cop sneakers makes it hundreds of time more possible to happen. The process becomes faster, smarter, and less stressful. Not to mention how you can cop dozens or pairs using a bot, and resell the kicks. You can make enough money to cover the cost of your bots and then some. Some things to look for when choosing a sneaker bot are whether or not they offer updates, have ideal customer support, and their reviews. You can also check out their Tweets to check for customer success of complaints.

#3 Proxies & Servers

It goes without saying, you need good proxies. Since this is a beginner’s guide let’s explain why. When you run a bot, you’re basically making hundreds of accounts on sneaker sites and hence increasing the probability for you to attain the limited sneaker. If you do that from on IP address you’re asking for a ban.

But before proxies, the first thing sneakerheads buy after getting a bot is a server. The server allows you to operate your bot on faster internet and performance. Servers can handle that much power, whereas your PC probably won’t. There are dedicated sneaker servers, like ours, that are made with copping sneakers in mind. They are located in optimal locations near sneaker datacentres, with low ping



If you’re interested in buying limited sneakers but afraid that it’ll be a lost cause, we hope you learned something from our guide. In a nutshell, if you have a sneaker bot, with a server and proxies, then you’re good to go. 

Level Up Your Sneaker Game With Sneaker Servers

Level Up Your Sneaker Game With Sneaker Servers

Recently, there’s been news of sneaker stores like Adidas and Footlocker closing down branches.These brands are smart enough to know that they’ll be saving millions once they convert to a more digital landscape. They understand their consumers and the fact that many sneakerheads would rather wait for items to release from the comfort of their own homes rather than camp for hours outside the store. And when it all goes online, sneakerheads can get an advantage on releases using different tricks like proxies, sneaker servers, and infamous sneaker bots.

Megabrands such as Adidas, Nike, and other major brands are known for holding special releases of extremely limited high-quality sneakers. The limited drops can be collaborations, packs, location-exclusive or event-exclusive shoes, or unique colorways. But there is one characteristic in common when it comes to hype sneakers and that’s the fact that they sell out in an instant.


Proxies, sneaker servers, and bots give you that edge you need to level up on your sneaker game. As soon as sneakerheads get bots, the second thing they invest in are sneaker servers, and later come proxies. That’s because servers and proxies are vital for the use of sneaker bots, even noobs know that.

Sneaker Servers

sneaker servers

Sneaker servers are primary resources when copping online with a bot. Their power and speed play an important role that could alternately dictate the success or failure of copping. Basically, they’re virtual machines that have their own operating system and run an internet hosting service. In other words, a server is like a remote computer that you can access that’s a thousand times faster and more powerful than your own PC. Thus, a sneaker server is a server located in the right places to reduce latency and make it easier for the bot to dominate releases.

Sneaker proxies

Sneaker proxies will protect your identity, keep you from getting banned, and help you cop in bulk while going unnoticed. They are chosen based on where your servers are. Both your proxies and sneaker servers should be near sneaker site or footsite servers. Usually, it’s best to go with sneaker proxies since they’re already located in hotspots.

Get Copping!

How else do you reckon sneakerheads around the world cop their kicks? With all that global competition, it could be hard to even cop a single pair without the brilliant combination of proxies, bots, and sneaker servers. So feed your bot some servers for breakfast, and don’t sleep on the biggest releases of the year!

Proxy Vs. VPN which one works best for you?

Proxy Vs. VPN which one works best for you?

Proxy Servers vs VPN: which is better?

While VPNs and proxy servers are usually both used for the same purposes of anonymity and security online, a VPN is much more secure than a proxy server. VPNs can secure and encrypt your whole network. Meaning it can hide and secure anything you do on your device that requires network access. Where Proxies are only capable of securing your web browsing activities by hiding the specific websites you’re visiting.

In addition to providing a higher level of security, VPNs are easier to configure. Most VPNs come preconfigured and ready to use, while proxies require a configuration that changes depending on which application you’re using. So, proxy servers need more manual work, all while providing performance that is less sometimes reliable than that of a VPN.

Moreover, VPNs offer more location options to choose from, not to mention most dedicated VPN services provide apps for virtually every device under the sun. However, when it’s a matter of copping sneakers, the story changes a little, or maybe a lot!

Copping With a Bot

If you’re using a bot, this means you’re feeling greedy, looking to cop many pairs. Maybe planning on starting or expanding your reselling business. And you have all the right to do that, but first, make sure you have the right tools. When you’re copping with a bot, you’re sometimes creating as many as 100 tasks. Translating this into sneaker sites language, you’d be issuing numerous requests to purchase the same shoe, and this detail is against most sneaker sites policies. So in order to overcome such a setback, you need to make your requests seem like they’ve been issued from different places. That can only be achieved using Proxy servers.

Granted that you choose the right type, number, and location of sneaker proxies, your copping activities will look very innocent. Every task/ request would be paired with a different proxy, and each one of these has a different IP. So copping using a bot you definitely need proxy servers. You might argue that VPNs can be used while copping with a bot, and yes you can try, but let’s see why it’s not recommended.

A VPN usually masks your IP, which provides you with a much-needed security while working online. In return, you’d be assigned a single IP address that is provided by the VPN. While your IP address doesn’t change, the VPN would use the new address it assigned your device to identify you online. All great so far, the only problem is that you’re back again at the single address issue. So, when you’re copping with a bot and using a VPN, you’d be violating that one pair per person rule, again. So, chances are you’ll get banned before hitting the item page. Therefore, you should keep the VPN option for another time, when you’re not trying to mass-cop.

Copping Manually

If you’re trying to cop sneakers manually, it probably means you’re not looking for a massive W. You’re probably looking for a personal pair, or maybe 2. And if you think you’ll be able to cop more this way, then you’re delusional.

Ok so, when you’re copping manually, the number of tasks or requests you’d be issuing is a lot smaller. And this, in fact, is bearable by almost any device. But for the sake of location optimization, and anonymity you could rely on either proxy servers or VPN. The reason why you actually have an option to choose here is that the number of requests you’re sending is usually not big. So whether these requests are originating from the same source, or from different places, it doesn’t matter as seriously. You will just look like the desperate guy trying to trick sneaker sites into giving him 2 pairs. And that’s usually fine!

All in All

While VPNs provide you with higher level privacy and a faster and encrypted connection, copping sneakers has its own rules. And to get the kicks you want, you need to abide by them. Proxy servers seem to work perfectly with sneaker bots, and since you’re so serious about your sneaks, you need to choose the right ones.

Make sure the proxy servers providing you with sneaker proxies are located next to sneaker site servers. And though this option might cost you a little more, always go for residential proxies. You never want to seem suspicious and end up banned. And if you can’t cop, don’t be hard on yourself. Some people have the advantage of powerful devices, incredible luck, or knowing the right people in the industry. But why don’t you give it a try and check our sneaker proxies, they’ve got all the features you need to cop like a beast!

Why a Sneaker Bot is The Only Way for You to Cop Limited Kicks

Why a Sneaker Bot is The Only Way for You to Cop Limited Kicks

What is a Sneaker Bot?

Since you’re here, this means that you’ve probably tried to cop sneakers before. And chances are you failed miserably. Why? Because you still haven’t believed in the idea that copping sneakers cannot be done without a sneaker bot.

A sneaker bot is a software program, created for the sole purpose of purchasing limited edition sneakers. While the whole process sounds very easy and simple, the truth is it’s not! Otherwise, why would it require a program to complete it? These bots automate the process of buying sneakers while doing it a much faster rate. When limited edition sneakers drop, sneakerheads from all around the world rush to secure themselves a pair or more. To win during all this frenzy, you need to have a special set of superpowers that include invisibility, fast clicking, and stress management.

Or you can replace all the previously mentioned requirements with a powerful sneaker bot. Bots help you go through the process of waiting in queues, adding to cart and checking out in a matter of minutes or even seconds. All you have to do is input all the required information, along with your choice of kicks and shoe size ahead of time. Everything else is the bot’s problem to deal with.

How Does it Win Every Time?

In addition to speed, a powerful sneaker bot usually provides a large set of features. Among these features, you can find early links, restock monitors, CAPTCHA solvers, and multiple tasks.

To fight sneaker bots, many sneaker sites use CAPTCHA to distinguish between human and machine behavior. Anyone who tried copping a sneaker knows that CAPTCHA is among the most disturbing issues they could face on release day. Therefore, many sneaker bots provide CAPTCHA solvers to help, fully automate the copping process. Some sneaker bots actually have a high success rate in solving CAPTCHA, while others don’t. So, in case you buy a bot that doesn’t have a very functional CAPTCHA solver, be prepared to click!

Not only that, but in case of a really hyped release, a sneaker bot can also provide you with the early links. So you don’t even need to google which sites are dropping your kicks. Whether they are set inside your sneaker bot or posted to the Twitter account, your reliable sneaker bot will provide you with all you need to succeed.

Another great feature your sneaker bot might have is a restock monitor. Due to order cancellations, many hyped sneakers restock shortly after the release is over. This restock can happen as soon as after 30 minutes, right when you thought this was all over. So, if you’re blessed enough, your sneaker bot will have this feature.

Multiple Tasks & Proxies

sneaker bot multiple tasks

Multiple tasks is a must, a really serious need when you’re copping sneakers. If it wasn’t for this feature, copping using a sneaker bot would’ve resembled copping manually. But costs more! Many sneaker sites stick to the one pair per buyer rule, to keep things fair and square. But as “Nice” as this sounds, it means you only get one shot. If for any silly simple reason you miss, you’re out. Your sneaker bot will allow you to run as many tasks as you see needed. By tasks, we mean purchase requests, AKA chances. So, the more tasks you run, the more chances you get at copping those sneakers. You might even score multiple pairs, that’s if you have the right proxies.

So, add to all of the above-mentioned features, or as we may say privileges, a sneaker bot always supports proxies! Not just a handful, but rather an unlimited number. How many tasks are you running, 50? Well, you can, and should add at least 50 sneaker proxies, and this number can go as high as you want. It’s as simple as more Proxies, more chances.

What’s the Perfect Formula?

So, what do you need in total? Well, a sneaker bot along with proxies and a server. Yes! all three of them, all together. A sneaker bot will automate and speed up the whole purchase process While proxies give you unlimited chances of accessing any sneaker site, anonymously without risking getting banned. And finally, a sneaker server tops it all with increased speed and an optimized location. So the next time you’re planning on copping sneakers, make sure you have all the tools you need.