Beginner’s Guide to Buying Limited Sneakers in 2018

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Limited Sneakers in 2018

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the limited sneakers that are dropping this year. With a Yeezy having just dropped and more on the way, buying limited sneakers without the proper tools could be a wild goose chase. There are specific things that help you win in the sneaker copping game and get your kicks.


Things You Need for Buying Limited Sneakers


#1 Notifications

The first thing you need when copping sneakers is information. How else will you even know about sneakers or how hyped they’ll be? Online, you get style codes, release dates, mockups, leaked images, stock information, and more. So turn on your post notifications if they’re not on. But remember that Twitter, IG, or FB aren’t enough. You can make connections and join sneaker forums like Discord and Slack conversations.Get serious about being informed.

#2 Sneaker Bots

Let’s start the conversation with: you need a bot to cop limited sneakers. If you don’t agree just stop reading here. We’re in the age of automation, and using bots to cop sneakers makes it hundreds of time more possible to happen. The process becomes faster, smarter, and less stressful. Not to mention how you can cop dozens or pairs using a bot, and resell the kicks. You can make enough money to cover the cost of your bots and then some. Some things to look for when choosing a sneaker bot are whether or not they offer updates, have ideal customer support, and their reviews. You can also check out their Tweets to check for customer success of complaints.

#3 Proxies & Servers

It goes without saying, you need good proxies. Since this is a beginner’s guide let’s explain why. When you run a bot, you’re basically making hundreds of accounts on sneaker sites and hence increasing the probability for you to attain the limited sneaker. If you do that from on IP address you’re asking for a ban.

But before proxies, the first thing sneakerheads buy after getting a bot is a server. The server allows you to operate your bot on faster internet and performance. Servers can handle that much power, whereas your PC probably won’t. There are dedicated sneaker servers, like ours, that are made with copping sneakers in mind. They are located in optimal locations near sneaker datacentres, with low ping



If you’re interested in buying limited sneakers but afraid that it’ll be a lost cause, we hope you learned something from our guide. In a nutshell, if you have a sneaker bot, with a server and proxies, then you’re good to go. 

Level Up Your Sneaker Game With Sneaker Servers

Level Up Your Sneaker Game With Sneaker Servers

Recently, there’s been news of sneaker stores like Adidas and Footlocker closing down branches.These brands are smart enough to know that they’ll be saving millions once they convert to a more digital landscape. They understand their consumers and the fact that many sneakerheads would rather wait for items to release from the comfort of their own homes rather than camp for hours outside the store. And when it all goes online, sneakerheads can get an advantage on releases using different tricks like proxies, sneaker servers, and infamous sneaker bots.

Megabrands such as Adidas, Nike, and other major brands are known for holding special releases of extremely limited high-quality sneakers. The limited drops can be collaborations, packs, location-exclusive or event-exclusive shoes, or unique colorways. But there is one characteristic in common when it comes to hype sneakers and that’s the fact that they sell out in an instant.


Proxies, sneaker servers, and bots give you that edge you need to level up on your sneaker game. As soon as sneakerheads get bots, the second thing they invest in are sneaker servers, and later come proxies. That’s because servers and proxies are vital for the use of sneaker bots, even noobs know that.

Sneaker Servers

sneaker servers

Sneaker servers are primary resources when copping online with a bot. Their power and speed play an important role that could alternately dictate the success or failure of copping. Basically, they’re virtual machines that have their own operating system and run an internet hosting service. In other words, a server is like a remote computer that you can access that’s a thousand times faster and more powerful than your own PC. Thus, a sneaker server is a server located in the right places to reduce latency and make it easier for the bot to dominate releases.

Sneaker proxies

Sneaker proxies will protect your identity, keep you from getting banned, and help you cop in bulk while going unnoticed. They are chosen based on where your servers are. Both your proxies and sneaker servers should be near sneaker site or footsite servers. Usually, it’s best to go with sneaker proxies since they’re already located in hotspots.

Get Copping!

How else do you reckon sneakerheads around the world cop their kicks? With all that global competition, it could be hard to even cop a single pair without the brilliant combination of proxies, bots, and sneaker servers. So feed your bot some servers for breakfast, and don’t sleep on the biggest releases of the year!

How Can Sneaker Dedicated Proxies Cop You The Air Jordan 1 Shadow?

How Can Sneaker Dedicated Proxies Cop You The Air Jordan 1 Shadow?

If you’re planning on copping the Air Jordan 1 Shadow, you need to know this. You cannot do this unless you have dedicated proxies to add to your sneaker bot. Nothing else would do, not even a mega-powerful sneaker bot or a supercomputer. You most certainly need dedicated proxies to increase your chances at copping.

Shared Vs. Dedicated Proxies

In order to clearly explain what dedicated proxies are, we need to compare them to shared proxies. Shared proxies are simply, shared. When using shared proxies, you’re actually splitting the power and speed of these proxies with other users. Although this does not affect your anonymity, it can negatively influence your browsing experience. Making your connection slower and more prone to disconnections. In addition, you can never know how the other users, sharing your proxy, are using it. In case one of them is using to scrape data or to initiate a malicious attack, your Proxy will be blocked. And with how things go on release day, you can’t afford any delays.

That’s why dedicated proxies are the best option for limited releases like the Air Jordan 1 Shadow. When the proxies you add to your bot are dedicated, you’ll enjoy utilizing their power to a maximum.
You will have a smoother and faster connection to sneaker sites and footsites. Knowing exactly what you’re using them for, you won’t have to worry about other people’s intentions and activities. No one will be draining your bandwidth nor will they be abusing your proxies. The only downfall of dedicated proxies is the price. Logically, they cost more than shared ones. But that won’t matter when you got your precious kicks at stake.

Why you need them?

To fully take advantage of your pricey and powerful sneaker bot, you need to add sneaker proxies. These proxies are capable of increasing your copping speed and chances. Giving you as many chances as you can possibly need. As long as you stick to the ratio advised by your sneaker bot.
In addition to the increased speed and chances, dedicated proxies are usually physically located very close to sneaker servers. This feature is by far the most important because it saves you long and valuable minutes on release day.
Rather than having your requests being issued from far across the planet, they’ll be issued from a location nearby. And this will give you the same opportunity as those who live right next door to footsites.

We Promise Dedicated Proxies

If you haven’t yet bought proxies for the Air Jordan 1 shadow, we have the perfect ones for you. Our Yeezy Proxies are 100% dedicated support all major sneaker sites, and are located optimally close to sneaker sites. In addition, they offer incomparable speed that you desperately need on release day. The Air Jordan1 Shadow is dropping on April 14th. So what are you waiting for? Order yours before they’re all sold out.

Proxy Vs. VPN which one works best for you?

Proxy Vs. VPN which one works best for you?

Proxy Servers vs VPN: which is better?

While VPNs and proxy servers are usually both used for the same purposes of anonymity and security online, a VPN is much more secure than a proxy server. VPNs can secure and encrypt your whole network. Meaning it can hide and secure anything you do on your device that requires network access. Where Proxies are only capable of securing your web browsing activities by hiding the specific websites you’re visiting.

In addition to providing a higher level of security, VPNs are easier to configure. Most VPNs come preconfigured and ready to use, while proxies require a configuration that changes depending on which application you’re using. So, proxy servers need more manual work, all while providing performance that is less sometimes reliable than that of a VPN.

Moreover, VPNs offer more location options to choose from, not to mention most dedicated VPN services provide apps for virtually every device under the sun. However, when it’s a matter of copping sneakers, the story changes a little, or maybe a lot!

Copping With a Bot

If you’re using a bot, this means you’re feeling greedy, looking to cop many pairs. Maybe planning on starting or expanding your reselling business. And you have all the right to do that, but first, make sure you have the right tools. When you’re copping with a bot, you’re sometimes creating as many as 100 tasks. Translating this into sneaker sites language, you’d be issuing numerous requests to purchase the same shoe, and this detail is against most sneaker sites policies. So in order to overcome such a setback, you need to make your requests seem like they’ve been issued from different places. That can only be achieved using Proxy servers.

Granted that you choose the right type, number, and location of sneaker proxies, your copping activities will look very innocent. Every task/ request would be paired with a different proxy, and each one of these has a different IP. So copping using a bot you definitely need proxy servers. You might argue that VPNs can be used while copping with a bot, and yes you can try, but let’s see why it’s not recommended.

A VPN usually masks your IP, which provides you with a much-needed security while working online. In return, you’d be assigned a single IP address that is provided by the VPN. While your IP address doesn’t change, the VPN would use the new address it assigned your device to identify you online. All great so far, the only problem is that you’re back again at the single address issue. So, when you’re copping with a bot and using a VPN, you’d be violating that one pair per person rule, again. So, chances are you’ll get banned before hitting the item page. Therefore, you should keep the VPN option for another time, when you’re not trying to mass-cop.

Copping Manually

If you’re trying to cop sneakers manually, it probably means you’re not looking for a massive W. You’re probably looking for a personal pair, or maybe 2. And if you think you’ll be able to cop more this way, then you’re delusional.

Ok so, when you’re copping manually, the number of tasks or requests you’d be issuing is a lot smaller. And this, in fact, is bearable by almost any device. But for the sake of location optimization, and anonymity you could rely on either proxy servers or VPN. The reason why you actually have an option to choose here is that the number of requests you’re sending is usually not big. So whether these requests are originating from the same source, or from different places, it doesn’t matter as seriously. You will just look like the desperate guy trying to trick sneaker sites into giving him 2 pairs. And that’s usually fine!

All in All

While VPNs provide you with higher level privacy and a faster and encrypted connection, copping sneakers has its own rules. And to get the kicks you want, you need to abide by them. Proxy servers seem to work perfectly with sneaker bots, and since you’re so serious about your sneaks, you need to choose the right ones.

Make sure the proxy servers providing you with sneaker proxies are located next to sneaker site servers. And though this option might cost you a little more, always go for residential proxies. You never want to seem suspicious and end up banned. And if you can’t cop, don’t be hard on yourself. Some people have the advantage of powerful devices, incredible luck, or knowing the right people in the industry. But why don’t you give it a try and check our sneaker proxies, they’ve got all the features you need to cop like a beast!

Why a Sneaker Bot is The Only Way for You to Cop Limited Kicks

Why a Sneaker Bot is The Only Way for You to Cop Limited Kicks

What is a Sneaker Bot?

Since you’re here, this means that you’ve probably tried to cop sneakers before. And chances are you failed miserably. Why? Because you still haven’t believed in the idea that copping sneakers cannot be done without a sneaker bot.

A sneaker bot is a software program, created for the sole purpose of purchasing limited edition sneakers. While the whole process sounds very easy and simple, the truth is it’s not! Otherwise, why would it require a program to complete it? These bots automate the process of buying sneakers while doing it a much faster rate. When limited edition sneakers drop, sneakerheads from all around the world rush to secure themselves a pair or more. To win during all this frenzy, you need to have a special set of superpowers that include invisibility, fast clicking, and stress management.

Or you can replace all the previously mentioned requirements with a powerful sneaker bot. Bots help you go through the process of waiting in queues, adding to cart and checking out in a matter of minutes or even seconds. All you have to do is input all the required information, along with your choice of kicks and shoe size ahead of time. Everything else is the bot’s problem to deal with.

How Does it Win Every Time?

In addition to speed, a powerful sneaker bot usually provides a large set of features. Among these features, you can find early links, restock monitors, CAPTCHA solvers, and multiple tasks.

To fight sneaker bots, many sneaker sites use CAPTCHA to distinguish between human and machine behavior. Anyone who tried copping a sneaker knows that CAPTCHA is among the most disturbing issues they could face on release day. Therefore, many sneaker bots provide CAPTCHA solvers to help, fully automate the copping process. Some sneaker bots actually have a high success rate in solving CAPTCHA, while others don’t. So, in case you buy a bot that doesn’t have a very functional CAPTCHA solver, be prepared to click!

Not only that, but in case of a really hyped release, a sneaker bot can also provide you with the early links. So you don’t even need to google which sites are dropping your kicks. Whether they are set inside your sneaker bot or posted to the Twitter account, your reliable sneaker bot will provide you with all you need to succeed.

Another great feature your sneaker bot might have is a restock monitor. Due to order cancellations, many hyped sneakers restock shortly after the release is over. This restock can happen as soon as after 30 minutes, right when you thought this was all over. So, if you’re blessed enough, your sneaker bot will have this feature.

Multiple Tasks & Proxies

sneaker bot multiple tasks

Multiple tasks is a must, a really serious need when you’re copping sneakers. If it wasn’t for this feature, copping using a sneaker bot would’ve resembled copping manually. But costs more! Many sneaker sites stick to the one pair per buyer rule, to keep things fair and square. But as “Nice” as this sounds, it means you only get one shot. If for any silly simple reason you miss, you’re out. Your sneaker bot will allow you to run as many tasks as you see needed. By tasks, we mean purchase requests, AKA chances. So, the more tasks you run, the more chances you get at copping those sneakers. You might even score multiple pairs, that’s if you have the right proxies.

So, add to all of the above-mentioned features, or as we may say privileges, a sneaker bot always supports proxies! Not just a handful, but rather an unlimited number. How many tasks are you running, 50? Well, you can, and should add at least 50 sneaker proxies, and this number can go as high as you want. It’s as simple as more Proxies, more chances.

What’s the Perfect Formula?

So, what do you need in total? Well, a sneaker bot along with proxies and a server. Yes! all three of them, all together. A sneaker bot will automate and speed up the whole purchase process While proxies give you unlimited chances of accessing any sneaker site, anonymously without risking getting banned. And finally, a sneaker server tops it all with increased speed and an optimized location. So the next time you’re planning on copping sneakers, make sure you have all the tools you need.

This Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner is Being Called “Kiwi”

This Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner is Being Called “Kiwi”

The Yeezy Mafia is calling this new colorway “Kiwi” because of its mostly brownish/greyish color with a hint of bright green. Kanye was spotted wearing this pair of Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner just days ago in Beverly Hills.

The mafia asked their followers to help them find a nickname for the new Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runners, adding that the colors resemble LV. While the name Kiwi is far from that, it makes perfect sense!
The main colors of the Kiwi wouldn’t be enough to claim it that nickname, however. The true point that earned this Yeezy Boost 700 the title were the two green diagonal ovals on the midsole of the shoe.

The last Yeezy Boost 700 was priced at a heaping $300. We could assume that this time will be the same. The Solid Grey Wave Runner 700 is can make double and sometimes triple its retail price on StockX. That’s some easy money right there!

Preparing for the Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner

It wouldn’t hurt to play the game and prepare to cop it. If you live near Adidas and YeezySupply servers it would probably be easier for you to cop this sneaker. While if you’re far, you’ll experience a sever ping latency issue on release day. That’s what sneaker servers are for.

You can run your Yeezy bot on one to ensure enhanced and optimized copping. Especially since there will be a lot of traffic that day. A sneaker server will grant you access to sneaker sites through its own internet connection, and thus increase the speed at which you’re copping.The reason why a sneaker server’s connection to sneaker sites is faster is quite simple. Sneaker servers are usually located at the nearest possible point to sneaker sites servers, making it seem as if you’re located right next door.

In addition to optimized locations, they can handle however much load you want to put on them. This comes in handy if you want to cop multiple pairs on Adidas. Overloading your own PC with tasks to cop sneakers will not by any chance increase your copping chances. In fact, it will only make the copping process slower. A Yeezy server is created to handle as many tasks as you assign, and at a speed, you can only dream about. So yeah! You will definitely need a sneaker server to cop you the Kiwi Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner.

Why a Yeezy Raffle is the Best Alternative to a Sneaker Bot?

Why a Yeezy Raffle is the Best Alternative to a Sneaker Bot?

We all know how things go down in the sneaker world these days. Very limited kicks drop at a certain time and millions of thirsty sneakerheads fight for the chance to get a pair. And just like with any competition or race, things could get really unfair. That’s when people who have taken enough Ls restore their belief in what’s called a Yeezy raffle.
If you’ve been a part of this hectic game for more than a week, you probably know what a sneaker raffle is. However, if these are still your first steps into the battlefield than read on.

What’s a Raffle?

Raffles, in general, are much like gambling competitions, where you get to have a numbered ticket that could win you a chance to win a prize. Winners, then, are picked randomly, and whoever is lucky enough will win one of the prizes set for this raffle.

A Yeezy raffle works very similarly with some slight alterations. When you enter a Yeezy raffle you know exactly what you’re in for; Brand New Yeezys! In addition, you’ll usually need to provide your shoe size, and this actually makes sense. Why would you want a pair of Yeezys that don’t fit?

If you think about it, sneaker raffles aren’t made for resellers, they’re made for the real sneakerheads. Those who are ready to wait for very long hours to get a ticket that might or might not get them their kicks. They’re in for the experience, the chance, and the hope.

Types of a Yeezy Raffle


There are several types of sneaker raffles. The first is type Instagram raffles. These raffles are held on Instagram, and the conditions to enter such a raffle are usually simple. You may be required to follow the account holding that sneaker raffles, tag some friends and comment your shoe size. Such raffles open for a couple of days and the winners will be contacted through an Instagram Direct Message.

The second type is Online Raffles. To enter such draws, you’ll have to fill out a form with your personal information, location, and shoe size. If you’re lucky enough to win you’ll usually be contacted via keep an eye on your inbox.

The third type is the in-store pickup. By the means of this Yeezy raffle, you’ll have to get a ticket from a store that’s dropping the Yeezys you want to buy. You might even have to pay for these raffle tickets. But that’s ok! It’ll still cost you less than sneaker bot. A couple of hours to a couple of days later, the store management will contact you, and you’ll have to personally come and pick up the pair you’ve won. Needless to say, you’ll need to provide some sort of identification card to be able to claim your sneakers.

For Your Information

Sneaker Raffle- Yeezy Raffle

Two major points to highlight are the following; in the case of very limited releases, every retailer will get a very small number of pairs. Sometimes not even a full-size run. So even if you’re chosen through the draw, but your shoe size is not available, another winner, whose shoe size is available, will be picked. The other point is, whatever you paid to enter the Yeezy raffle, that does not include the price of the actual sneakers. Yeezy will cost you at least, $120 or $200.

Why a sneaker raffle?

You might not believe in the efficiency of sneaker raffles, and in some cases you’re right. After all, if you’re aiming very high, and trying to start your own reselling empire, a sneaker raffle would only feel like a waste of time and effort.
However, if you’re in for the experience and the excitement, then go for it. In fact, if you do the math, you’ll pay much less than you would if you buy a sneaker bot. And we all know that a sneaker bot is nothing without a bunch of sneaker proxies. So, even if you enter all available sneaker raffles for a set sneaker, you’ll end up paying just a tiny fraction of what you would have to get a sneaker bot.

And regarding your chances, well, they’re low. Always have been, always will be. We all know this equation; the more hyped, desired and limited a sneaker is the lower your chances at copping it. With or without a sneaker bot, your chances at an L seem to be much higher. But the good news is, an L with a Yeezy raffle costs and will stress you much less. But if you’d like to increase your chances at winning a sneaker raffle, bring help. Call your friends and have a couple of them standing in the line of every store holding a raffle. And online, use several accounts to get as many entries you can to every raffle. And after all this work, we could only wish you good luck. Because that’s what it’s actually all about in the sneaker game, LUCK!

NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas: Optimize Your Sneaker Bot’s performance

NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas: Optimize Your Sneaker Bot’s performance

Next on Adidas and Pharrell William’s creation list is the NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas. Dropping as part of the Trail Holi Collection, this sneaker specifically is dropping on February 23rd. The NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas is expected to be the most limited among all 4 sneakers in this collection.
It features an all-cream look with boost outsoles and the world equality embroidered in English on one shoe and in Hindi on the other.

The fact that this is an all-white shoe makes it really loved and desired. Add to that the hype, the exclusivity factor, and Pharrell’s name and you’ll get a real sneaker battle. Craziness and violence are not new when it comes to hyped sneaker releases. But in order to win you need to have the right tools in your hand.
Buying a sneaker seems to be the most obvious solution, but that’s not all you need to cop the Blank Canvas. A powerful sneaker Bot running on an old and slow device is like a sports car stuck in traffic. It’ll get you nowhere.

So to optimize your sneaker Bot’s performance it needs to be running in the right climate to allow the Bot to perform at full speed and power.

Sneaker Servers to the rescue

Here, a sneaker server comes in really handy. When you run your bot on a sneaker server, you’d be using all the power and resources of this server to your copping advantage.
Not only do servers have more processing power and usually endure and can handle a lot more request and tasks than your regular PC, they’re usually located in a better place.

Sneaker servers are usually located in proximity to sneaker sites servers. This will give you an advantage over other sneakerheads located half a planet away from sneaker sites’ servers.
With physical proximity on your side, you can forget all about ping latency and laggy connections. You’ll enjoy a smooth and fast communication between you and the sneaker website you’re trying to cop from.

NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas Release Date

NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas

Pharrell Willimas x Adidas NMD Human Race
Release Date: March 2, 2018
Style Code: AC7031

These features are very crucial and life-changing in the case of very limited releases such as the NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas. On such releases, people get crazy and the number of requests to sneaker sites’ servers reach a peak. So what you really need to secure a pair of the NMD Hu trail Blank Canvas is a fast connection to sneaker sites, along with physical proximity.
Most websites work on a First Come First Served basis, and when the device issuing the purchase request is closer, this means the buyer has arrived to the queue first.

And this, in fact, applies to any limited sneaker release, not only the NMD Hu Trail Blank Canvas. So rent a reliable, powerful and close to sneaker sites server and save yourself a bunch of Ls.

What Are Proxies and How Do They Help You Cop Sneakers?

What Are Proxies and How Do They Help You Cop Sneakers?

What are proxies?! You’ve seen people make shoutouts to their proxy providers. You’ve read forums where sneakerheads are discussing which is the best combination of bot x proxies. If you’re new to the sneaker copping game, we understand. Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

What are proxies?

The best way to answer that question is with an example. Let’s say you want to cop the next Yeezy dropping in 2018. How can you increase your chances at copping? Well, you’d need to have several accounts on Adidas. So instead of having one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment (lol ok I’ll stop rapping), you’ll need to capture and not let it slip. Sorry, I had to do that.

But seriously, you need to increase your chances by running several accounts on Adidas. However, the site does not allow you to do that. Adidas wants the game to be fair for everyone. So there’s an account per person rule. But let’s be honest, no one ever tries once. Would you try once?! No.

But you’ll get banned without proxies…

The problem is that if you try more than once, chances are you’ll get banned off Adidas. That’s because they can track down your requests, and trace them all back to you. They can identify your IP address and even your location. So if you try to cop more than once or twice on the same website, it’s game over for you. And there’s no saying when they’ll ever lift the ban.

You need proxies if you want to avoid that. Proxies will work as a disguise for your original IP address. Sneakerheads use proxies to make numerous purchase requests from Adidas while tricking the website into thinking these requests are initiated from different devices, in different areas.

The time when you need proxies the most is when you’re using a sneaker bot. A bot can run hundreds of tasks on several different sneaker sites. Your chances of getting not only one Yeezy but several are over the roof. But with a bot, you can purchase sneakers in a very fast manner. So fast it raises red flags and will get you banned. So each task will need to have an appointed proxy. Here’s where people would go into more details when choosing proxies like their location.

Location matters…

The location of your proxy is as important as the location of your server. The closer both your sneaker server and proxies are to the sneaker sites servers, the better chance you have at the “race for kicks.”

Let’s say you’re in Dakota and you want to cop from a site whose server is in California. You want to buy proxies located in California. At the same time, you don’t want to have a server located in Florida. That will only make the road to California much longer. You should choose a server and proxies that offer the shortest route to California.

Price matters…

How much you pay for the proxies also matters. There are tons of free proxies available on the web, but how trustworthy are they? You can try your chances, but why not go with cheap proxies. So you don’t need to pay a lot for good proxies, you just need to decide which ones are worth it.

Final Note

Carefully choosing your proxies is an investment. Especially if you bought a bot, you’d want some proxies that promise to deliver and give you a bang for your buck. After this, I hope you can answer the question, “What are proxies?” on your own.

Shopify Bot: A Passage Into The Exclusive Luxury Street-Wear World

Shopify Bot: A Passage Into The Exclusive Luxury Street-Wear World

Ah, limited release items… What wouldn’t we do to be part of the hype that surrounds them? We follow the brands on Twitter and Instagram. We see celebrities and online influencers strutting around in their branded apparel. But an interesting fact that some of us don’t know is that most of our favorite brands are hosted on Shopify. One of many tools consumers are using these days for copping their way into that all exclusive luxurious fashion world is a Shopify bot. Stick around if you don’t know what that is! Here’s all the 411 on Shopify bots.

What is Shopify?

First of all, here’s a little background. Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store. Brands are able to build websites through its platform, and it comes in all kinds of themes. It also offers marketing tools. Furthermore, it is personalized to tend the consumer’s needs and desires and makes shopping easy.

It’s quite popular due to its quick and easy payment system, which supports all major credit cards and at any location. Buyers from any Shopify store can track their orders. Moreover, Shopify has built a reputation for itself and that reflects well on sites that are with Shopify.

Which sites are on Shopify?

From food to skin care products to household items, Shopify sites support merchandise of all types. Shopify bots support all of them. But since we’re about that limited release, fashion-forward street-wear, here are some sites that all kinds of Supremeheads and sneakerheads have a tendency towards where a Shopify bot can be used:


  • Kith


  • Bape


  • Billionaire Boys Club

Palace Skateboards

  • Palace Skateboards


  • Concepts

  • Blends

extrabutterny_ shopify _com_logo

  • Extra Butter


  • Bodega
  • and much more…

How do you know a site is using Shopify?

An interesting question. Sometimes on the site itself, you will find the word Shopify if you use Ctrl + F. If you really want to find out if Shopify hosts a website, Inspect the page using Ctrl + Shift + I. The word Shopify should turn up somewhere in there if you Find it using Ctrl + F.

What is a Shopify bot?

That all brings us to one point, how can we define a Shopify bot? Although some bots can support Shopify sites, a Shopify bot is a bot that can support ALL Shopify sites. They are made exclusively for sites that Shopify hosts.

Be careful…

The term Shopify bot can be a marketing scam to make you buy different bots for different things. What you need, in fact, is just one bot that can help you cop from any site. Remember that a Shopify bot supports the entire range of Shopify sites. However, some bots will claim to be Shopify bots while only supporting a certain number of sites.
So if you’re in on buying a sneaker bot, you’ll probably need to read more about it and what other tools you’ll need to optimize its performance and increase your chances at copping.