Beginner’s Guide to Buying Limited Sneakers in 2018

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Limited Sneakers in 2018

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the limited sneakers that are dropping this year. With a Yeezy having just dropped and more on the way, buying limited sneakers without the proper tools could be a wild goose chase. There are specific things that help you win in the sneaker copping game and get your kicks.


Things You Need for Buying Limited Sneakers


#1 Notifications

The first thing you need when copping sneakers is information. How else will you even know about sneakers or how hyped they’ll be? Online, you get style codes, release dates, mockups, leaked images, stock information, and more. So turn on your post notifications if they’re not on. But remember that Twitter, IG, or FB aren’t enough. You can make connections and join sneaker forums like Discord and Slack conversations.Get serious about being informed.

#2 Sneaker Bots

Let’s start the conversation with: you need a bot to cop limited sneakers. If you don’t agree just stop reading here. We’re in the age of automation, and using bots to cop sneakers makes it hundreds of time more possible to happen. The process becomes faster, smarter, and less stressful. Not to mention how you can cop dozens or pairs using a bot, and resell the kicks. You can make enough money to cover the cost of your bots and then some. Some things to look for when choosing a sneaker bot are whether or not they offer updates, have ideal customer support, and their reviews. You can also check out their Tweets to check for customer success of complaints.

#3 Proxies & Servers

It goes without saying, you need good proxies. Since this is a beginner’s guide let’s explain why. When you run a bot, you’re basically making hundreds of accounts on sneaker sites and hence increasing the probability for you to attain the limited sneaker. If you do that from on IP address you’re asking for a ban.

But before proxies, the first thing sneakerheads buy after getting a bot is a server. The server allows you to operate your bot on faster internet and performance. Servers can handle that much power, whereas your PC probably won’t. There are dedicated sneaker servers, like ours, that are made with copping sneakers in mind. They are located in optimal locations near sneaker datacentres, with low ping



If you’re interested in buying limited sneakers but afraid that it’ll be a lost cause, we hope you learned something from our guide. In a nutshell, if you have a sneaker bot, with a server and proxies, then you’re good to go. 

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